24international is a sportsmanagement company aimed at the development of professional athletes and young talents, with the goal of getting the absolute most out of their careers. 24international offers a total package in which career guidance plays a central role.

– Establishment of transfers
– Career planning / life after career
– Branding
– Financial education

Athletes can customize their package to their needs and pick the services that best suits them. 24international wants the athletes to have a 100% focus on their performance by giving the athletes as much as guidance as they desire. Key decisions will always be properly discussed and explained to both the athlete and, if desired, the athlete’s family as well.

24international also prepare their talent for career opportunities beyond the field – anything they strive for. We have the relationships and the expertise to maximize our talent’s career value. From experience we know that many athletes don’t have any plans after their career or have a plan B, therefore we prepare them for the future after their sportscareer.

24international is known for their real dedication, professionalism and above all friendship.